Hannah Is My Name


Yang’s offering is winner—a spot-on depiction of the immigrant experience in America. (Picture book. 5-10) --Kirkus Reviews

"The United States has long been a place of refuge and opportunity for immigrants from all countries.  It has been the destination for millions seeking to make their dreams of a better life come true.  This book celebrates our shared history of hope by telling the story of a little girl who is waiting for her green card and who meanwhile must adjust to a new language, a new school, a new way of life...even a new name.

With charming childlike voice and vivid, Chinese-influenced art, Belle Yang brings us an immigrant story especially close to her own.  But, in truth, it's everyone's story of America." -- San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle -- Tadpole Tells Her Family's Journey from China to S.F.

Seattle Times -- Artist, Author Belle Yang Crafts Tales ofI mmigrants' Hopes, Hardships

 "I applaud you for sharing your own story of immigration as you experienced it as a child, and hope that it will be heard by other  who are in similar situations." -- Nancy Pelosi

MY NAME IS BELLE is a winner of the CINE Golden Eagle award, which celebrates excellence in film, video and media arts.  It is produced by Mac & Ava Motion Pictures.  It premiered on PBS in May 2007.

DVD available at Hauk Fine Arts for $19.95